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  • Name: WFP290V-F





Frequency inverter
38mm spindle bore
V-way bed is hardened and precision ground
Independent leadscrew and feedshaft.
Power cross feed function.
Automatic feed and threading are fully interlocked
MT5 spindle hole gets greater capacity with Φ160 mm three-jaw chuck
T-slotted cross slide
Top design of gearbox gets more function
Tailstock may be offset for turning tapers
Geared mill head gets more torque.
Mill head can be tilted ±90°.
Toleranc e test certificate, test flow chart included.






 Model No.
    Item No.
 Distance between centers
700 mm
 Swing over bed
280 mm
 Swing over cross slide
165 mm
 Width of bed
180 mm
 Taper of spindle bore
 Spindle bore
38 mm
 Number of spindle speeds
 Range of spindle speeds
50-2000 rpm

 Range of longitudinal feeds

0.07-0.20 mm/r
 Range of inch threads
8-56 T.P.I
 Range of metric threads
0.4-3.5 mm
 Top slide travel
70 mm
 Cross slide travel
140 mm
 Tailstock quill travel
70 mm
 Taper of tailstock quill
1.1 kw
 Mill & drill
 Taper of spindle bore
 Spindle stroke
50 mm
 Spindle speed
50-2250 rpm
 Max. distance spindle to table
375 mm
 Max. distance spindle to column
185 mm
 Packing size
1400x780x1070 mm
 Net weight
230 kg
 Standard Accessories  Optional Accessories
 3-jaw chuck (160mm)  4-jaw chuck (160mm)
 Splash guard  Backplate
 Chip tray  Follow rest
 Drawbar  Steady rest
 Arbor  Face plate
 Speed DRO for lathe  ER25 collet chuck for lathe
 Depth ruler for mill  ER25 collet chuck for mill
 Speed DRO for mill  Turning tools
 Toolbox & tools  Stand