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  • Name: CL400 CL460 CL500


  Longitudinal and cross feeds are effected by ball leadscrews, driven by servo motors.
  Either vertical or horizontal 4-station or 6-station tool post  or gang tools can be selected.
●  The hydraulic or manual type chuck and tailstock is available.
  Supersonic frequency hardened and precision ground bedway with a long service life. 


  Model No.
  Item No. 10121101/10121102/10121103
  Max. swing over bed
Φ400 mm
Φ460 mm
Φ500 mm
  Max. swing over carriage
Φ210/165 mm(gang tools)
Φ240/205 mm(gang tools)
Φ280/245 mm(gang tools)
  Distance between centers
750/1000/1500 mm
  Max. turning length
600/850/1350 mm
  Over gap (Optional)
Φ650 mm
Φ700 mm
Φ740 mm

   Effective length of gap

200 mm
  Spindle nose
  Spindle bore
Φ80 mm
  Taper of spindle bore
MT. No7

  Steps of spindle speed

  Range of spindle speed
100-2000 r/min
  Rapid feed for Z axis
10 m/min
  Rapid feed for X axis
8 m/min
  Max. travel of Z axis
710/960/1460 mm
  Max. travel of X axis
250/330mm (Gang tools)
  Min. input
0.001 mm
  Tool post stations
4-ways or 6-ways or gang tools
  Tool cross section
25 x 25 mm
  Diameter of tailstock quill
Φ75 mm
  Taper of tailstock quill
M.T. 4
M.T. 5
M.T. 5
  Travel of tailstock quill
130 mm
  X/Z motor torque
4.7/7 Nm
  Power of main motor
5.5 kw (Optional 7.5 kw)
  Power of cooling pump
  Overall dimensions(mm)
  Net weight
2100/2250/2800 kg
2200/2350/2900 kg
2250/24050/2950 kg