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  • Name: WMD45A

●  Accurate, widely useful milling/drilling machine.
●  Extremely quite operation.
●  High precision grinding spindle.
●  Large square column casting and table.
●  Gear head enables to change speeds quickly.
●  Head may be tilted right & left.
●  High precision manual fine feed.
●  Positive locks for table, head, spindle quill.
●  Adjustable taper gibs for slideways.
●  Power elevation mill head.
●  Positive and easy to read depth gauge.
●  Easy reading chrome finish dial.
●  Complete electrical box and controlling station.
●  Variable speed power feed table.
●  Iron casting mill stand.
●  Equipped with double speed motor, tapping assembly.
●  Tolerance test certificate and test flow chart included.


 Model No.
    Item No.
 Max. drilling capacity
40 mm
 Max. end milling capacity
32 mm
 Max. face milling capacity
80 mm
 Table size
800 x 240 mm
 Table travel (X,Y)
560 x 230 mm
3x14 mm
 Spindle taper
MT4 or R8 or ISO30
 Spindle stroke
120 mm

 Step of spindle speeds

12 Kinds
 Range of spindle speeds
75~3200 rpm
 Spindle incline angle
 Distance from spindle to column
260 mm
 Distance from spindle nose to table
470 mm
0.85/1.1 kw
 Packing size
1180 x 960 x 1980 mm
 Net weight
580 kg


 Standard Accessories
 Optional Accessories
 Drill chuck
 Keyless drill chuck
 Coolant system
 X- Power feed
 MVB100 milling vise
 Tapping assembly
 58pcs clamping kits
 Double speed motor
 Halogen work lamp
 Iron casting stand
 Digital readout system
 Toolbox & tools
 Collet chuck