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  • Name: WM8126



 Model No.
    Item No.
 Table size

280 x 700 mm

 Distance between axis
 of horizongtal spindle
 to table
 First installing position

35~385 mm

 Second installing position

42~392 mm

 Third installing position

132~482 mm

 Distance between vertical spindle nose to horizontal spindle axis

95 mm

 Distance between horizontal spindle nose to vertical spindle axis

131 mm

 Transverse travel of horizontal spindle

200 mm

 Vertical travel of vertical spindle quill

80 mm

 Range of horizontal spindle speeds (8 steps)

110-1230 rpm

 Range of vertical spindle speeds (8 steps)

150-1660 rpm

 Spindle hole taper

IS040 / Morse No. 4

 Swivel angle of vertical spindle axis


 Longitudinal travel of table

350 mm

 Vertical travel of table

350 mm

 Feeds of table in longitudinal and vertical directions and
 horizontal spindle seal in transverse direction

25-285 mm/min.

 Rapid feed of table in longitudinal and vertial directions
1000 mm/min.
 Main motor
3 kW
 Coolant pump motor
0.04 kW
 Overall dimensions
1450 x 1450 x 1650 mm
 Net weight
1180/1410 kg


 Optional Accessories
 Universal table
 Parallel vice
 Slotting head
 Rotary table
 Dividing head